Q701 SP M71 Superior Performance Band Saw Blade

CASE STUDY: Q701 SP M71 Superior Performance Band Saw Blade

THE Challenge

A metal fabricator based in Brooklyn, NY recently got a request to create a metal outdoor dining space for a local restaurant. While they are well versed in custom metal work for residential and commercial clients, and even offer molding and casting in a variety of materials, their preliminary test with the stainless steel tubing needed to complete the work did not go as easy as planned.


We advised them to check out our Q701 M71 bi-metal saw blade as we knew it was the perfect choice for stainless steels and would offer them a long term solution for any exotic alloys and other materials prone to work hardening. 

They were familiar with the M42 blades but this was a step higher in durability and cost efficiency. The M71 provided higher tooth hardness, significantly reduced cutting resistance and higher wear resistance than the M42.


The Q701 M71 Bi metal Ground Tooth Hi Production Band Saw Blade is a high performance band saw blade. Its M71 ground tooth cutting edge is heat and wear resistant and its specially designed tooth reduces the feed force while maintaining the desired chip removal. We’re particularly proud of the 3% chrome backing that increases the life of the blade beyond typical bi metal blades. Plus, it will fit on any bandsaw machine and provide a faster cutting rate with less machine pressure.


We were able to offer them an easy yet rugged solution not only to complete this outdoor dining project but also to cut a wide variety of materials without having to change the blade in the future. Because they were able to reach higher feed rates, speeding up the delivery of the project, they finalized the build way ahead of the deadline, which impressed their clients greatly, making them likely to recommend their services to other restaurants. 

Variable tooth height and set allows for aggressive cutting action

Ground teeth provide maximum performance

M71 Tooth for hard alloys

The Q701 M71 bi-metal saw blade usually outlasts other saw blades in the production cutting of large diameter stock, work hardening steels, and nickel-based alloys with a tensile strength of up to 164,000 psi.

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